Using JetPeel and ReShape technology, the treatments offer remarkable results without any visible scars. The spa also offers an array of other services, including eyelash extensions, microblading, lash and brow tints, DaVinci teeth whitening, ionic foot detox treatments, and more.

Zerona Z6
Zerona Body Contouring- Zerona uses 6 adjustable heads to specifically target the fat cells beneath the treatment area, which temporarily opens up the fat cells, allowing the fatty liquids to drain out and be eliminated naturally through the lymphatic system.
ProCell Microchanneling
ProCell Microchanneling has quickly become one of the most popular treatments for the signs of aging bother us all.
Glo2Facial by Geneo
Prepare to be enamored by the Glow2 Facial, a revolutionary treatment that unleashes your body's innate abilities.
The Bohr Effect, which involves the release of CO2 bubbles from the skin's surface replaced by oxygen-rich blood, transports vital oxygen to the deeper skin layers,
IPL & Laser Hair Removal
The Magma system at Elysian Aesthetics employs intense pulsed light (IPL) and laser technology to effectively treat multiple conditions of the skin.
Jet Peel
JetPeel treatments combine the benefits of dermabrasion chemical peel, extractions, and micro-needling to detox, exfoliate and infuse bio-active nutrients deep into the skin.
Davinci laser teeth whitening
The DaVinci method is a light accelerated power teeth whitening system that uses a combination of LED.
Ionic foot detox therapy
If you're seeking to eliminate toxins and heavy metals from your body, the Ionic Foot Detox might be just what you need.
The ReShape utilizes a non-invasive approach that combines radio frequency (RF) energy and vacuum therapy to offer safe and effective treatments
Needle-Free Lip Fillers
Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that gives the appearance of fuller, plumper lips by hydrating the surface and filling the skin cells with moisture.
Fire & Ice Facial
The FIRE & ICE facial is our signature treatment, known by all of Hollywood as the “Red-Carpet Facial”.
Lash & Brow Treatments
Eyelash extensions are a cosmetic application used to enhance the length, curl, fullness, and thickness of your natural eyelashes.


Fire & Ice
(Peel without Peeling)
Hydrating Magnetic Mask Treatment
(Peel without Peeling)
Exfoliating Clear Skin
(60 min)
(60 min)
Honey Enzyme
(45 min to 1 hr)
iS Clinical Innovative Skincare
(45 min to 1 hr)
(30 min)
Body Waxing
(30 min)
Eye Bright Treatment
(15 min)
DaVinci Laser Teeth Whitening
(30 mins to 1 hour)
Full Lash Extensions
(Eyelash Tints at $25)
(Microblading at $399)

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